In order to activate the brand we created a record player from corrugated cardboard that folds down into an envelope for mailing. 
Spinning the record with a pencil causes vibrations in the needle that are amplified in the cardboard material.
The cardboard folds down into a sleeve. 
The folded record players were mailed out to creative directors across North America. 
For the viral component of the campaign we created a promotional video called “An Introduction to Your Cardboard Phonograph”; including an orientation – “What is this?” you ask – as well as instructions – “How do I play it?”.  
A video leaked from a back room at Cannes showing a judge playing the B-Side sound effects.
The results far exceeded expectations; direct response was over 90% (unheard of for a direct mailer); it was featured on over 500 blogs including Gizmodo and Wired; Visits to spiked from about 50/week to over 70,000. It won at the Cannes Advertising Festival, London International and an honourable mention at the One Show. Not bad for a project with a budget smaller than a home hi-fi.

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